Price Increases

There have been big increases in the cost of making vitamins and supplements - raw materials, packaging, transportation, and even lab testing. For those of you who buy our products on Amazon, it’s worth noting that Amazon now takes about 55 cents of every dollar you pay to purchase. That used to be about 20 cents.

The cost to make products (every single item we make) has gone up between 10 to 25%. This is particularly true with fish oil and probiotic ingredients.

There is a severe fish oil shortage that will affect all of us who take fish oil supplements.  

Most of the world's fish oil supplies come from the Pacific Ocean, off the coasts of Peru and Chile. Unfortunately, last year's fishery catch was practically non-existent. This year’s catch has been just as weak.

Effects of the El Niño climate event have led to a warming of the Pacific's surface in that region, driving adult Anchovy into deeper waters where they are impossible to fish. 

Over the last year, the cost of fish oil raw material has nearly doubled.

We kept our price steady and did not pass it on to you in the hopes that lower costs would bring prices back down. Instead, the price just recently doubled once again, due to another poor fishing season. 

Considering the global supply shortage and pressure from rising costs, a price increase has become unavoidable. I understand that such increases can be burdensome, and I apologize for the inconvenience this may cause you.   

Note To Subscription Customers:After many years of low and unchanged AutoShip prices, we must adjust due to fish oil price increases.

Thank you for your understanding.

Vin Kutty