Honesty and quality are our main ingredients. Good health and affordability are our main concerns.

We take pride in every supplement we sell and each bottle we fill. And we’re honored by each person who trusts us enough to take our supplements. This is a trust that’s important to us. Because these people share our concern and passion for improving their lives with better health. Some of the critical ways we do this is by using the highest quality, scientifically proven ingredients and keeping our supplements affordable. The affordable part is made possible by selling directly to you, no middle-man commissions. The quality part is more difficult but something we’re committed to. Firstly, unlike many other companies we make our supplements close to us right here in California. This allows us to monitor and supervise quality constantly. We also do third-party testing on every batch of every product to make sure that we provide what we say we provide on the product label. Yes, this is expensive and it cuts into our profits but we put your good health first. That’s why we founded InnovixLabs. And that’s why — we believe — people committed to healthy living trust us.