Purified Omega-7

Derived from the cleanest and purest fish source
Purified Omega-7
  • Purified Omega-7
  • Purified Omega-7

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Quantity: 30 capsules

Product Features

InnovixLabs’ Purified OMEGA-7 is the first Omega-7 supplement to be IFOS-certified, which means it’s been rated highest for purity, potency, and quality. The Provinal® Omega-7 that we use is the purest, cleanest Palmitoleic Acid (POA) that helps to maximize health benefits. Omega-7 has been shown to:

  • Manage inflammation**
  • Maintain healthy triglycerides and other blood fats**
  • Control fat deposition in the liver**
  • Helps with skin health

Contains NO sugar, corn, dairy, yeast Gluten-Free Cholesterol-Free No artifical colors or preservatives 30 Capsules in each bottle

*Reference: Martinez, L. Purified Omega-7 in the reduction of hs-CRP, a double-blind, randomized, placebo-controlled study. Proprietary Research Report, 2013.

** When used as part of a healthy diet and exercise plan to help maintain healthy triglyceride levels.


As a dietary supplement, take one capsule a day with a meal.

Storage: Keep out of reach of children. Store at room temperature in a cool, dry place.

Allergy Information: If you are allergic to fish, you should not take this product or other fish oil supplements.

Talk to your doctor before use.

Product Label

Purified Omega-7

Certified Sources

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    • Hi Gloria – please do not take shark oil! Shark is near the top of the food chain in the ocean and can accumulate a lot of environmental toxins. There is nothing in shark oil that cannot be found in fish oil made from smaller, safer, cleaner fish. You may take Omega-7 with or without other fish oils. Omega-7 provides some unique benefits that Omega-3s do not.

  1. Hi, I was sent information about a product called Ultra Omega Burn which is suppose to be the purest form of Omega 7. In addition to claim of a number of health benefits like reducing inflammation they are claiming it as a great weight loss product as well. How true is this and is your product identical?

    Kind regards


    • Hi Karen – when I see supplement online where it is nearly impossible to see the ‘Supplements Facts’ panel on the label AND there are really compelling and amazing claims (hard-sell) about weight loss or hair restoration etc., I move on. Quickly.

      Having said that, Omega-7 can optimize how your body stores and uses fat. That’s a good thing. But will it make you lose lots of weight overnight? No. Weight loss starts in the kitchen. Eliminate sugar, flour, grains and replace them with veggies and lots of olive oil. Aim for walking 10,000 steps a day. That’s where weight loss comes from. In our opinion, diet is more important than exercise but you really need both diet and exercise together. Omega-7 could be a part of that. But Omega-7 alone won’t make that happen.

      If you decide to try Omega-7, look for brands that sell Provinal brand of Omega-7. There are quite a few.

  2. I also read the Ultra Omega Burn ad and bexcuse of your honesty here, I opted to purchase your product. Thank you..

    • Hi Mike – thank you for reaching out to us. Feedback like this helps us provide what our customers truly need. Our product development team is aware of your message.

    • Hi Shahar – yes, we ship products for individual consumption to Australia. Please send us a note via the contact form on this page to get shipping quotes.

    • Hi Susan – this product is made without the use of intensely hot distillation. It is made with cold CO2 extraction process. Only vegetable oils like olive or coconut are made using presses. Omega-7 is made from fish and fish oils are never ‘cold pressed’ like olive oil. The oil extraction technologies are different between olives and fish.

    • Hi Lina – we usually do not ship to Belgium, please look for an email from our customer service team. They will investigate the shipping logistics and help you.

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