Pharma-Grade Omega-3

All your Omegas in just one small pill a day
Pharma-Grade Omega-3

$20.99 + free shipping

Quantity: 200 mini capsules

Product Features

Pharma-Grade Omega-3 pills are easy-to-swallow, being 41% SMALLER than regular fish oil pills.

Not only is it ultra-compact, it’s the same size as Krill oil pills, but with 4 TIMES MORE Omega-3. High purity fish oil combined with a plant-based enteric coating means you won’t have to worry fishy burps.

A single mini Capsule packs in a potent 500mg of Omega-3, which makes it ideal for your:

  • Heart
  • Joints
  • Mood
  • Skin
  • Brain

Purified to remove mercury and cholesterol
Molecular distillation to ensure pristine purity
Soy and Gluten-Free
Safe for children 10 years and older


Best if consumed daily with a meal. Take 1 – 2 mini capsules per day. Do not take more than 8 capsules per day.

For specific health conditions, please consult with your doctor. If you are already on blood-thinning medication, please consult your physician before taking.

Product Label

Certified Sources

Quality and Honesty is our promise.

High quality is our key concern. The oil used meets IFOS 5-star standards, which is much stricter than industry standards. International Fish Oil Standards (IFOS) is a third-party testing service that has rated and certified this product for purity, potency, and freshness. Click on the IFOS logo below to see the results of the IFOS test for yourself.

This product contains wild-caught, sustainable Sardine, Anchovy, and Mackerel from cold Peru and Chilean Pacific waters. The capsule shell is made with premium kosher and halal-certified bovine gelatin.


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  1. Wondering how many IUs of Vitamin D (and what type–D2, D3, etc.) are in each capsule of the Pharma-Grade, and the Triple Strength. Thanks!

    • Hi Jenn – neither the Pharm Grade Omega-3 nor the Triple Strength Omega-3 have any Vitamin D2 or D3 in them.

      We strongly believe that Vitamin D (in the D3 form) should be supplemented separately. D2 form is very poorly absorbed and should not be consumed.

      The amount of D3 you supplement every day depends on the time of the year, how much sun exposure you get, and your blood level of D3. Everyone needs a unique daily dose of D that needs to be determined by your doctor after a blood test. Most people do well with around 4000 IU per day – less in summer/fall and more in winter/spring. Omega-3 products that also contain D3 almost always contain way too little.

      Since everyone’s D3 needs change from season to season and person to person, we have not added any Vitamin D3 to our products.

    • Hi Lisa – this product is enteric coated to prevent or reduce burping and fishy taste. The frosty coating on the outside is the plant-derived enteric coating. If you, however, take the pill with an antacid or heartburn medication, the enteric coating may not work as well. Even then, the oil is very fresh that you will not notice offensive burps.

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