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Introducing InnovixLab’s Daily Mood Pack, a one-of-a-kind combination of mood-boosting nutrients, together in one convenient pack.*

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The happiest ingredients in one mood-boosting pack.

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Clinically tested: Contains two unique, genetically-verified probiotic strains that have been the subject of rigorous research.

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Soothe stress & Tummy Troubles: Includes probiotics to moderate feelings of anxiety and stress-related digestive upset.*

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Promote a positive mood: Emerging research suggests that EPA fish oil may help support a sunny mood.*

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Keep calm: An excellent source of magnesium, which emerging research suggests can help you chill out.*

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Brighten your day: Vitamin D3 helps regulate the production of key neurotransmitters to help improve mood and boost overall brain function.*

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Boost antioxidants: A highly bioactive form of curcumin may help fortify the body’s antioxidant defenses.*

After 3 weeks I started having noticeable improvement in my mood. I now feel much more balanced in my mood and the constant lump in my throat is gone. Seth C.
This is an amazing product. I have become an Innovix Labs fanboy. Everything they make is top quality and works as good, or better than described. These are my happy pills. SJ

What you'll find inside:

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Mood Probiotic Blend

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Lactospore® Probiotic

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EPA Omega-3

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High Potency Vitamin D3

Yes! I want to feel better.

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